360˚ [Artist Contract] Killer

A service announcement from Rock Star Web Co.

The 'Take Away'

If you are a talented independent artists or creative, you are the center of entertainment. You are the schedule, the size, the amount, the terms and that's that. You are not in competition with anyone except yourself. You don't have to endure judgement from the people who don't want your art. Art is made for the audience that wants it...and no one else. Choose your own marketeers and middlemen and choose them for character. Your music is as exclusive as you want it to be. Host and manage your own digital network, sell your own merchandise with little to no money down, negotiate your own opportunities, prepare your own contracts (yeah, that's what we said) and last but not least, keep your content and data exclusive to your digital properties. All of these things are possible all you need is the right developer. Someone to tell you about the DIY tools available for your industry. Be your own boss for real. Set your own boundaries and share your art on your terms.

The Merch

49 USD
360 [Artist Contract] Killer Sweatshirt
the look that says 'Indie or Die'